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The current context in which we live is one in which notions of emergency and crises, whether related to climate change, global pandemic, or the major questioning of values at a planetary scale, encourages us to pay more attention to ecological systems. Thinking in ecological terms can facilitate a re-alignement of our thoughts and actions at a scale where these phenomena are observed : the planet as a whole, oceans, air, land… The scale at which our daily lives unfold is being less and less explored, or else reduced to quantitative measures used to feed political and economic logic, reasoning, or agenda.

Would it be worth considering that the human scale also matters when ‘thinking ecologically’? Our hope is that doing so would invite us to take account of qualitative considerations, not only quantitative ones, and to seek wholistic comprehension rather than to be driven by anxiety. Therefore, the challenge of this meeting is the re-scaling of our thoughts at the human scale in order to ‘think ecologically’ for architecture, urbanism and landscapes.

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