Bernardo Vaz Pinto

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Bernardo Vaz Pinto is a practicing architect, founder of Lisbon Design Studio, and Design Systems.

After working for several architectural offices, both in the United States and in Portugal, including the office of Frank Gehry in California, he opened his own office in 2007.

With Lisbon Design Studio he develops architectural projects with a strong emphasis on research and investigation, taking advantages of the new technological possibilities of the design process.

Recognizing the needs and our clients’ expectations is of paramount importance to our office, as we are committed to the achievement of high quality in our projects, independently form scale and type.

As part of our strategy, Lisbon Design Studio has developed, over the time, several design partnerships with other architectural firms, as a way of strengthening our experience and amplifying our scope of work.

Bernardo Vaz Pinto is also a design professor, currently teaching at Universiade Lusófona , in Lisbon.

He received degrees of Bachelor of Architecture (BA) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD); a Master Degree in Architecture (MArchII) from the Graduate School of Design (GSD), of Harvard University, and a PHD degree from Lusofona Universidade, where he studied the First Digital Revolution in Architecture.



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