SOS Climate Waterfront is an interdisciplinary project that aims to explore waterfronts in Europe that are facing climate change. The project collects different disciplines to create new strategies for sustainable solutions for infrastructure and urban planning in Europe.

Coordinator | Pedro Ressano Garcia

SENSORIAL é um programa de investigação exploratória, permanante e qualitativa que visa revelar a cultura arquitectónica dos utilizadores dos espaços construídos através da análise de obras conhecidas e postas à prova de usos e sentidos.

Coordinator | Mohammed Boubezari


BUNKER ATLANTIS is a research project that will explore a multi-layers thematics of the architecture of war in the mid-20th century, in Portugal, and particularly Plan Barron of Defense of Lisbon and Setubal. Recently discovered, after 80 years of secrecy, this set of abandoned fortifications pose challenges to democratic society and social justice. 

Coordinatora | Maria Rita Pais